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1907 Photo

Strangers on a Train

There is only a single track to South Norwalk in this 1907 photo.

Strangers on a Train being filmed at Danbury Station in 1950.

1959 photo
1993 photo

In this 1980's photo, note the two tracks on the South Norwalk line.

In 1993, Metro-North boarded up and closed the station.

1994 Photo

1995 photo
Restoration begins in 1994.
By mid-1995, the outside restoration is nearly complete.
In October, 1995, the Museum received the bronze plaque that now is fastened to the front of the building.
Volunteers work on the inside of the Station in 1998.
This 2005 photo shows the Museum Station as it has looked since October, 1995.
Metro-North trains awaiting departure to South Norwalk provide an added attraction.


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